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Today's BACK and TRICEP Training Session Full Outline

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Here's an outline of today's BACK and TRICEP workout (this routine is part of Cycle 1 - 6R2S.)

The main setup is 6 reps for 2 main working sets. Last set of each exercise is a drop-set of 34 reps. Drop-set weight is at least 50% of the weight used in set 2 of last working set. 5 exercises for Back and 3 exercises for Triceps.


BACK - Since reps were low and heavy here I used a less "taxing" exercise for drop set.


- Weighted Pull-ups (Pull-ups were used during drop set)

- Heavy DB Rows (Neutral Grip Cable Rows were used during drop set)

- Neutral Grip Pull-ups (Neutral Grip Cable Pulldowns were used during drop set)

- Barbell Rows - (standing Hammer Strength High Row was used for drop set)

- Deadlifts from Mid Shin Level - (bodyweight only Back Ext were used for drop set)


TRICEPS - Same exercise is used for drop set.


- Inner Cable Machine Pushdowns

- Lying Skull Crushers w/ Ez Curl Bar

- Weighted Dips


DONE. Brutal was phenomenal workout! Chest and Biceps tomorrow.

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