Strength and Muscle Building Tip - Plus Training Log

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SIZE / STRENGTH TIP - Decrease single workout volume but increase workout frequency. What this means: If you do 6 BACK exercises per workout @ 1x per week - Decrease to 2-3 BACK exercises @ 2-3x per week. By doing this, you can increase overall intensity per workout session plus your overall weekly volume will be higher. Our newest program below is set up within this structure. (We do not advise doing this in a caloric deficit. To optimize recovery, daily calories must be in a surplus.)

*Legs 2-3x Week (Heavy Squats both days)
Back 3x Week
*Chest / Shoulders 2-3x Week (Alt Weeks)
*Arms 2-3x Week (may increase as program progresses)
Calves/Abs 5x Week
5 Training Days Per Week / 2 Off Days / 30 minutes daily walking

*Since this is a 3 day split some body parts will get hit 3x but at least 2x per week.

06.14.16 - Day 7 - Week 2 - SHOULDERS / BACK - 3 sets of 6 - after last set is a drop set of 34 reps

DB Overhead Press
Dropset - DB Overhead Press

DB Lateral Raise
Dropset - DB Lateral Raise

Rear DB Lateral
Dropset - DB Rear Lateral

Wide Pulldowns few buildup sets
Dropset - Wide Grip for about 18 reps then Neutral Grip same weight same reps

DB Rows
Dropset - DB Rows for about 18 reps then Cable rows 18 reps

DB Shrug
Dropset - DB Shrug