Muscle Building Overload Phase Cycle 1 - Back and Biceps Training Log

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DAY 1 - WEEK 1 of New Phase - BACK/BICEPS - 3 sets of 15 reps - Drop set after each last set of 25 reps. Drop set will either be of the same exercise of a variation. (**WARNING - This initial phase is a beast but only last 3 weeks. Calories must be high through out this 3 week cycle to help with recovery and minimize overtraining.)


- Front Pulldowns several warmup
Dropset - Front Pulldowns


- Close Grip Cable Row
Dropset - Close Grip Cable Row


- Underhand Pulldowns
Dropset - Underhand Pulldowns


- Med-Wide Width Cable Rows (only did 1 set here and switched to Dropset - 1 arm rows standing with the hammer strength bench)
Dropset - Hammer Strength Row using Bench


- Wide Pullovers with Straight Bar Cable
Dropset - Rope pullovers


- Hammer Strength - Shrugs 100 reps (rotate 20 reps leaned over and 20 reps slanted until 100 reps)


- BB Curls
Dropset - BB Curls


- DB Palms up Curls
Dropset - DB Palms up Curls


- Angled Reverse Preacher Curl with DB
Dropset - Angled Reverse Preacher Curl with DB


- Cross body Hammer DB Curls
Dropset - Reverse BB Curls