Testing out a new training protocol for a few weeks. The "main rep target" will change week by week:

Week 1 - 15 reps
Week 2 - 10 reps
Week 3 - 6 reps

The last drop set of 40 total reps with stay the same through out the 3 week cycle.

The split may change because its something I'm playing around with.

Here is todays Leg Session

Everything is the same for all exercises (expect RDLs)

Warmup sets if needed then proceed to working sets.

2 working sets of 15 reps
1 working set of 15 reps then drop set for 25 more reps totaling 40 reps.

All sets are taken to 95% - failure. Do not decrease weight on set 3 of 15 reps. It should be the hardest set of 15 and after you complete the 15 reps you'll drop the weight by 40-50% and do 25 more reps. When hitting the remaining 25 reps you should struggle at the 10-15 rep mark and probably have to stop and rest for a few seconds to get the remaining reps.

Here is the order of exercises:

Leg Curl
Leg Press
Leg Ext.

(Squats were planned after Leg Press but the quads had nothing left to give.)