Here's a sample LEG DAY in our NEW Pure Label Training Programs (COMING SOON)

Here's a sample LEG DAY in our NEW Pure Label Training Programs (COMING SOON)
This will be a part of our MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAMS…For those wanting to build new muscle and put on size.
  • Make sure you focus your mind on contracting the muscle on every single rep. This means there will be a slight pause (sometimes more if listed) at full contractile position of each rep. This is a skill and if this skill is weak it will need to be developing. Squeeze / Contract…Squeeze / Contract…Squeeze / Contract.


  • Minimum 2 sec eccentric on each rep ( the negative portion)


  • All working sets are taken to 95% failure which means you can complete the last rep but anymore reps would not be possible without form breaking down. 


  • Rest periods will be 2 mins unless noted otherwise. BUT use your best judgement. If you feel you can go 100% on the next set and you are under the 2:00 then go for. BUT if you are going to 95% on each set then being able to maintain that consistency through the workout is going to call for a longer rest period. If you feel you need more rest then add another :30-1:00. Rest between warmup sets is :30-1:00. 
Warmup - Superset Abductor vs. Adductor Machine -  
2 sets of 20
Warmup - Smith Machine Squat - These will get knees warmup and begin getting muscles warmup for future movements. 
2 x 20
The “Work” Begins Here...
1. Lying Leg Curl - Keep your hips/butt down here and focus on curling the weight in an arc towards your butt.
1-2 warmup sets to find a good weight for 12 reps. 
4 x 12
3 Total Working Sets
2. Barbell Back Squat - Let’s keep feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Remember at minimum 2 sec decent with a light
pause and top with an quick and intense squeeze (quads and glutes) While doing this, do not lock out knees. We’re working
through a large variety of rep ranges here. This will change week by week.
2 x 20
2 x 15
2 x 12
2 x 10
2 x 8
2 x 6
12 Total Working Sets 
3. Leg Press - Buildup to a good weight for 10 reps. Big drop set here. You’ll do 10 drop some weight do 10
drop some weight do 10 drop some weight do 10. Rest is 10-20 sec. just enough to get your breathe in your
lungs. Come on, its 1 set. Give it everything you got. 
10 / 10 / 10 / 10
1 Total Working Set
4. Barbell RDL - Knee’s slightly bent, push your butt back (sit back) and get a good stretch.
1-2 warmups to find nice weight that is at your 95% of 8 reps.
4 x 8
4 Total Working Sets
20 Total Working Sets….THE END.