What Our Awesome Buyers Are Saying About Us

Go To Protein by David R (Whey Protein Unflavored 2lb, 9/22/20)

This is my go to protein. 


Best One Yet by Susan B. (Whey Protein Unflavored, 9/21/20)

This dissolves completely and is actually unflavored. We have none of our usual complaints with this powder - something we never thought possible.


You won't be sorry by Steve E. (Whey Protein 5lbs Vanilla, 9/6/2020)

This is Steve E. and I am very eager to share with you what is beyond any doubt – the best protein powder I have ever come across. I have been using protein powders for years but when I found Pure Label Nutrition, I was ecstatic. I use it in 2 ways:  1 – adding it to my smoothie – and 2 –  mixing it in a glass of water prior to a weight training session. In both instances, it gives me a real boost in energy and I can get through a tough weight workout without any fatigue. I can go from machine to machine with no trouble at all. This product has helped me reach not only my workout goals, but also as an energy drink, providing just the right amount of nutrition along with amino acids. The texture is very smooth, there are never any lumps – and I love the taste – a dash of vanilla. The type I use is Pure Whey Protein Concentrate. They also make a Pure Whey Protein Isolate for anyone who is lactose intolerant. The only thing I’m very sorry about is that I didn’t find out about Pure Label Nutrition much sooner  than now. Just a fine product. Try it, you won’t be sorry.


Great Taste! by Amazoonian (Whey Isolate 2lbs Vanilla, 8/3/2020)
Really good flavor for vanilla. Other vanilla whey proteins were tolerable in smoothies, but not on their own with only water. Very good and no strange ingredients!


Would buy again by Charlotte (Krill Oil, 7/13/2020)
No after taste.


Good product. by Donna A.  (L-Arginine, 7/8/2020)
Seems to be working great for me. I am almost 66 and needed some extra boost. I am staying on it.


It's great by Benita (Pure Whey 2 lbs Unflavored, 7/8/2020

It's worth recommending


Great find! by Delia (Pure Whey 5 lbs Unflavored, 6/30/2020)
Very pleased with this one. Blends instantly! Thanks. Totally suggest to buy.


I got my husband addicted to this stuff! by akphn5  (Pure Whey 5lb Chocolate. 6/10/2020)

Probably the best protein powder I have had. Clean ingredients, no artificial sugar, non GMO. I got my husband to switch his normal protein to this, and he was using his old stuff for years. I've only tried the Chocolate but its sooo good and doesn't taste chalky! About to buy another couple bundles :)


Great protein powder by G. Stacy (Pure Whey 2 lbs Chocolate, 6/5/2020)
It is so difficult to find a good clean protein powder. I can't tell you how many labels I've read trying to find something that isn't filled with junk ingredients, sugar and isn't crazy expensive. I buy the chocolate flavor of this product and mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter powder. It mixes up well and is really tasty.


Good stuff by The Reviewer (Pure Whey 2 lbs Unflavored, 5/29/2020)
Wow this stuff is amazing no weird taste or anything and it doesn’t make me sick like most protein powders. Will be buying again


Tastes good by S. Dyroff (Pure Whey 2 lbs Vanilla, 5/21/2020)
We use vanilla protein powder as a base for smoothies and stir into oatmeal. Good flavor and quality ingredients.


Lowers my cholestrol by Betty F. Hatcher (Krill Oil, 5/19/2020)
It meets the requirement to lower cholestrol and I need that.