Do you love a Wendy's Frosty? Then you will LOVE this Keto Krosty

Keto Krosty Recipe


Dreams do come true. Now there is a version of Frosty that is not only healthy but burns fat and most importantly is delicious. Check out this keto-friendly version of the iconic Wendy's Frosty. 




1 1/2 c. 

heavy whipping cream

2 tbsp. 

unsweetened cocoa powder

3 tbsp. 

keto-friendly powdered sugar sweetener, such as Swerve

1 tsp. 

pure vanilla extract

Pinch kosher salt


  1. In a large bowl, combine cream, cocoa, sweetener, vanilla, and salt. Using a hand mixer or the whisk attachment of a stand mixer, beat mixture until stiff peaks form. Scoop mixture into a Ziploc bag and freeze 30 to 35 minutes, until just frozen.
  2. Cut tip off a corner of the Ziploc bag and pipe into serving dishes.


Want some extra protein in your Keto Krosty? 

Try adding 1 scoop of Pure Whey Unflavored or ORIGIN Whey Isolate Unflavored for 24 extra grams of muscle building protein. 



Image courtesy of Parker Feierbach

Recipe courtesy of Lena Abraham 

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