Best POST Workout Shake for MORE Muscle...So Gooood.


I have this shake not only post workout but 1-2x during the day as one of my meals.

It's the perfect combination of a fast digesting whey isolate protein powder combined with a slower digesting micellar casein protein mixed with a good amount of carbs and medium dose of fats. It tastes awesome too.

- 2 scoops Origin Whey Isolate (50 grams protein)

- 1 scoop Platinum Micellar Casein (25 grams protein)

- 1 pack Starbucks Instant Coffee

- 1 and 1/4 cup oats (roughly 75 carbs)

- 2 tbs of natural Peanut Butter (15 grams fat)

Total Protein - 75 grams
Total Carbs - 75 grams
Total Fat - 15 grams

Total Calories - 735 (actually there is more calories but I count the main macros in each food)

*For those with goals of putting on MORE MUSCLE...You got to try this recipe. For those more focused on Fat Loss...I'd recommend cutting out the oats or at least minimizing.

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