Pure Grass Fed Whey Review from a Christian, Husband/Father and Cross Fit Athlete


Video transcript:


"Hey guys, my name is Jeremy. I just finished my workout and I made my smoothie, it's delicious. And one thing that I like to use is Pure Whey Grass Fed all natural protein from Pure Label Nutrition. My good friends over there, made an amazing product. I usually like to use the chocolate but I like it a little too much. So I used it up already. But what I'll do when I use the vanilla is I'll squirt a little bit of chocolate syrup in there, a banana, some frozen strawberries, peanut butter, and it gets me good.


Okay guys, the one thing that's great about this is you can use it in so many different ways. You can use it in a smoothie like I've done, like I usually do. Most of the time you can put it in yogurt and mix it in with your yogurt, a little scoop. You can put some raspberries and some chocolate chips and you've got a powerful protein pack parfait.


Another thing too is if you don't have time to do anything super fancy or complicated, you can just throw a scoop in your cup with some milk, shake it up and you're good to go. It’s a great protein. It tastes great.


And another good thing for all you guys and gals that hate clunky and chunky protein, it breaks up amazing. Okay guys. So get yourself some grass fed protein from pure way, at Pure Label Nutrition. It's an amazing product. I really support what's going on here and I support the people that make this product. Thank you so much.


All you crossfitters, bodybuilders, power lifters, whatever you're doing to keep your body fueled so you can keep training. This is the product that you want to use. Thanks guys."