Leg Day! Quad and Ham Workout - Supersets + Bike Intervals

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It's Leg Day here at Pure Label Nutrition Headquarters. It was fast, intense and brutal...as it should be. If it's Leg Day for you, give this workout a test drive.


Back Squats - (4 x 15) 2 warmup sets then build up doing sets of 15 until you hit a tough weight. Stick with the weight and do 4 sets of 15 reps with it. Make sure to break parallel then squeeze quads and glutes at top of squat. 


Seated Leg Extension SUPERSET with Lying Leg Curls - (4 x 15 / 4 x 12) No warmups here, just jump right into it. Shoot for 15 reps on the Seated Leg Extensions then without rest, go to the Seated Leg Curl and hit 12 reps. Rest only 45 seconds after both exercises are completed. Do 4 rounds.


Seated Bike Intervals - (20 seconds all out then 40 seconds of rest for 10 minutes) Warmup at low resistance for 1 minute. Turn up resistance to as heavy as it will go for beginning intervals.  Begin first 20 seconds going all out effort at the toughest resistance on bike then at the 20 second mark, rest for 40 seconds then repeat. Do this for 10 rounds. 


FINISHED. NOW RECOVERY BEGINS! To enhance and speed up recovery use 1-2 scoops of ORIGIN Whey Isolate or PURE Grass Fed Whey post-workout....