How To Save Money Using Protein Powder? Do This One Thing And Save $1000s Per Year






What's up. This is Kyle Harrod, with Pure Label Nutrition. Hey, I wanted to make this video for you and hopefully you’ll watch this entire video because you're going to learn how you can save thousands of dollars each and every year by having protein powder. Who would have thought? Now, one of the big things that people, when they come to our website, they look at our products, they look at the protein powder and they think, Oh my gosh, this is too expensive. I can't afford this. How can I fit this into my budget? I just can't. You know, Kyle it’s just too expensive.


What people don't realize is protein powder is super cheap compared to food, especially food that you eat out. So let me tell you how you can save a lot of money. All right, now I'll put some math together. Bear with me, but you, these numbers are important.


You have to pay attention. So the average person in the United States spends at least $8 each day on lunch five days a week. Okay? So let's say $40 for the week. The average person spends on a lunch out, ended up for the year and you have a expenditure of $2,080, $2,080. Remember that now.


If you add in one of the most popular drinks, of of all time, coffee to the mix, let's say Starbucks. Say you're a Starbucks fan and you go to Starbucks throughout the week, during the work week or weekends or whatever, you're going to spend at least probably $5 on a coffee if that, if you get one of the frappuccinos or chinos or kenos or whatever it is, you're going to be spending more, more than likely, so let's just say $5 Monday through Friday, it's $25 in over the year that comes out to $1,300. $1,300 spent on coffee.


Just think about that. $2,080 spent on lunches, $8 lunch. Now, if I went out to eat, I would have at least a $20 lunch because I do eat alot. But let's say $8 and then you have the $5 Starbucks coffee. You're looking at over $3,300 for those, just those two right there.


Now if you, if you bought something like our Pure Whey, this is Grass Fed Whey, that's a five pound container, has 75 servings. For those 75 servings, you're gonna spend $58 and 97 cents for 75 servings. That comes out to about .78 cents a serving. One scoop has 24 grams of protein, that's .78 cents per serving and has two grams of fat. So really you can literally mix this with water and have a meal in itself. If you wanted to add something else to it, some fruit or whatever, um, that'll up the costs a little bit, but .78 cents per serving.


Now just think about it, what I said about the $8 lunch, the $5 Starbucks, if you were to just replace one of those or both of them with the whey protein powder, that's going to be much more nutritious for you. This is grass fed versus some of the junk that you get out at the restaurants. You know that stuff is not good, or the gas stations, wherever you go, you know you're not fueling your body. You're not doing the best you can for your body.


Replace it with good nutrition and save money. Seventy eight cents, so get this one scoop of protein per day. This is going over 365 days. 365 scoops comes out to $287 for the year, $287 for the year! You can have all your lunches right there. Think about that. How much money you'll save and you'll be getting good nutrition into your body versus the junk that you get out at the restaurant.



Think about that. $2,000 a year at a $8 average lunch and only five days a week with the $5 Starbucks. You're looking at $1,300 a year for the five day work week, but just with the Pure Whey, 75 servings at 78 cents per serving that's going to last you if you did it every day. It's gonna cost you $287 for the year.


Now, if you want to double the scoop, say for me, I take at least two scoops. I'm a big guy. I'm 255 pounds. I need at least two scoops. Give me 50 grams of protein and I'm good. So two scoops and that still is only going to cost you $573 and 97 cents over the year for two scoops a day, 365 days. So literally it's a no brainer. If you're interested in getting good nutrition into your body, this is grass fed 100% grass fed.


It's completely, it's pure, it's clean, it's all natural protein getting into your body versus the other stuff that's out there and that you get at the restaurants. You know, it's just, you can't compare and you're going to be saving thousands of dollars a year.


So anyways, hopefully you've listened to this all the way through. You got the math, it's in your brain. You can tell your wife or your husband or whomever,


Hey, I want to get this protein powder. It's not only going to be good for me, but for our family financially, it's going to be much, much better for us.


So, Hey, if you got any questions, you can always hit me support@purelabelnutrition. The email will come to me or forwarded to me, and I'll answer any questions that you have. But you can also see our products right now.


If you go to our website and you put in your name and your email, you'll get a 10% off discount code. I’m telling you it's a no brainer. So check it out. I hope you do have a good day.