Health and Fitness Coach Kelly Hayes Reviews Pure Whey Chocolate


Kelly Hayes is a Health and Fitness Coach and owner of Move4LifeFitness. You can find her on FB here > Move4LifeFitness





"Hey guys,


I just wanted to hop on here and leave a review for this awesome protein that I've been taking.


It is not only delicious, but it is so clean.


There's no extra hormones in there.


It's grass fed whey, um, and it's gluten free.


This is Pure Label Nutrition. It's chocolate, which I love and it has a great chocolate flavor to it.


Has 23 grams of protein, so great number of protein, that you can add in and it blends well with things.


So I've been adding it in with my coffee. I've been adding it in with smoothies.


My favorite is at an end with some almond butter and a banana, but it blends very well  it's just a very clean, protein supplement. It doesn't irritate my stomach, which I love."


Especially if you're looking for a little treat that's clean and maybe you lean towards chocolate, this is the way to go. So it kind of curves my sweet tooth a little bit, but absolutely love it.


I just drank my shake and I wanted to leave a review just because it is delicious. So I highly recommend it and I hope you try it."