Cross Fit Gym Owner Jordan Helo Gives His Review of Pure Whey Vanilla


Video transcript:


Hey guys, I want to talk to you about this product right here. It's from a Pure Label Nutrition, it’s Pure Whey.


As you can see right here, the flavor, is Vanilla. This is one of the top, top, top, protein whey protein that I've liked so far in the market.


It’s a non GMO, uh, grass-fed and gluten free.


Just a little tip, you know, if you really want, some gains. A really a small tip is to make the shake drink a little bit before workout, sipping on it mid workout and finish it after the workout if you really want to maximize it.


I really, I really like this, this brand. It’s really, really good.


I actually do it after the workout and you know, before the workout, mid workout and after the workout just to maximize, you know, my gains and you know, I feel less sore at that point.


It's not only that 24 grand and the sugar actually comes from the milk. It's like really not much, sugar there.


So two grams come from the milk, and actually the flavor itself, like delicious. Basically, this is amazing guys.


Try it out." Jordan Helo, CrossFit gym owner "Let Me Be Great" CrossFit in Jersey City -