Here's a sample BACK DAY in our NEW Pure Label Training Programs (COMING SOON)

Here's a sample BACK DAY in our NEW Pure Label Training Programs (COMING SOON)


This will be a part of our MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAMS…For those wanting to build new muscle and put on size.




- Rest periods here will be 2 minutes unless otherwise noted.


- We’ll start out with Abs and then move to Calves. It should not take more than 20 mins to complete Abs/Calves and this will act as a good warmup before we hit BACK.



- Floor Crunches Superset w/ Leg Raise (only 30 sec rest in-between)


4 sets of 20 (this is 4 sets of each)


- Standing Calf Raise - Do 2-3 warmup sets to build up to a weight that is heavy for 20 reps.


5 sets of 20 (rest here is only 1 min. During rest periods, get against a wall and stretch each calf muscle. 



Work Begins Here...BACK



- DB Row - 2-3 warmup sets of 10. Find a weight that is heavy at 8 reps and do 4 sets with it. Make sure to a good stretch.


4 sets of 8



- Smith Machine Row - 1 warmup of 12 reps then find a heavy weight to use for 15 reps. Pull bar in towards stomach and squeeze lats for 1 sec.


3 sets of 15



- Wide Lat Pulldowns - 1 warmup just to find a good weight for 10 reps. Pull right below the chin and slowly release upwards. Allow weight to stretch your lats at top.


3 sets of 10



- Rack Pulls - Start light and build up in weight until you get to a weight that normally is your 5-6 rep max. Let’s do 4 sets of 5 reps with that weight. 


4 sets of 5



- Back Ext. - This week, hold a weight/plate to increase resistance. 3 goods sets of 15 reps.


3 sets of 15



The END. Go eat!



BACK - 17 total working sets


CALVES - 5 total working sets


ABS - 8 total working sets