Strength Training Log - ARMS

Today is ARM DAY.......I used to love training arms but for the past few weeks, its been my least favorite training day. BUT...Today was a good session. Loved it. Great pump and energy through out. I even tested out a prototype pre-workout we may be releasing soon. I'm normally not a fan of pre-workout drinks but this sample I really liked. Great blood flow, energy was steady and I didn't crash when I was finished. I'll talk more about this soon. Here's the workout....



Warmup - Rope Pushdowns 3 x 12 superset BB Curls 3 x 15


Working Sets Combo 1 - 5 rounds 

Straight Bar Pushdowns - 12 reps

BB Curls with 3 sec negative - 8 reps


Working Sets Combo 2 - 5 rounds 

Bent Over Cable Kickbacks - 8 reps

DB Curls (palms facing up) 3 sec negative - 8 reps


Working Sets Combo 3 - 5 rounds 

Bent Over High Cable Overhead Ext. - 10 reps

Preacher EZ Bar Curls - 8 reps



Lying Leg Raises 4 x 20

Rope Crunches 4 x 20


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