Evan Centopani and John Meadows Train Chest: Part 1

If you’re looking to take your training program to a whole new level. We recommend checking out Mountain Dog training from John Meadows.

The creator is John Meadows, Pro IFFB Bodybuilder and Expert Diet Coach. John programs in a unique way and will leave you with nothing left in the tank.

INTENSITY is the name of the game in Mountain Dog training but John does an excellent job of keeping it safe on the joints and varying intensity levels to keep you running smooth.

Intra Nutrition (or during workout nutrition) is key here to optimizing results and minimizing muscle breakdown. Adding some fast acting carbs and protein will keep protein synthesis high and energy stable.

One product we enjoy is Glycofuse from Gaspari Nutrition for fast acting carbohydrates. For a fast digesting protein powder, we recommend our flagship product, Origin 100% Whey Isolate.

With this type of training be ready to unleash war.

Check out this video of John Meadows and Evan Centopani Training Chest