Massive Chest and Tricep Workout - WARNING: Experienced Bodybuilders Only

massive chest workout


**TRAINING JOURNAL UPDATE** (The toughest chest workout yet)

DAY 2 - WEEK 1 of New Phase - CHEST/TRICEPS - 3 sets of 15 reps - Drop set after each last set of 25 reps. Drop set will either be of the same exercise of a variation. (**WARNING - This initial phase is a beast but only last 3 weeks. Calories must be high through out this 3 week cycle to help with recovery and minimize overtraining.)

- DB Medium Incline several warmups
Dropset - Medium Incline DB Hex Press

- Flat BB Bench
Dropset - Flat DB Hex Press

- High Incline DB
Dropset - DB Hex High Incline Press

- Hammer Strength Flat with bands
Dropset - Thumbs in Incline DB Flyes

- Cable Flyes
Dropset - Incline Cable Flyes Standing

- Triceps Cable Ext with weird V Bar
Dropset - same exercise

- Leaned Forward Overhead Cable ext w/ angled bar
Dropset - same exercise

- Lying Ext with Ez Curl
Dropset - same exercise

- Dip Machine
Dropset - same exercise